The Honorable Edvīns Šnore

Hon. Edvīns Šnore is a film director and member of the Latvian Saeima. Šnore's first feature-length documentary, The Soviet Story, depicts the Bolshevik Revolution and the bloody early history of the Soviet Union. The film goes on to highlight the massive death toll of Soviet communism, the ideological and strategic closeness of the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany before 1941, and the origins of modern totalitarianism and political genocide in Marxist theory. In 2014, Šnore was elected to the Latvian Saeima as a member of the National Alliance coalition. For his work on The Soviet Story, Šnore received the Latvian Order of the Three Stars in 2008, and the Estonian Order of the Cross of Terra Mariana in 2009. Šnore studied political science in Norway, and holds an MA in the subject from the University of Riga. He is currently working on his PhD from the University of Riga as well.